What is Bainkom?

Bainkom is the new, easy way to design your dream space, home, or garden. As the region’s first online and only design marketplace, we connect you with top designers to meet your every design need.
We believe good design is for everyone, and we’ve made it simple and accessible. Bainkom is the one place you can easily find and hire the region’s talented design professionals to build, design, renovate, or decorate your home.
Prepare to be inspired by the stunning designs that are tailored to your style, space, and budget. Whether it’s a room, nursery, office, garden, or full-out home, we have you covered.
With our Bainkom Promise we guarantee there are no hidden charges, clear deliverables, and competitive budgets. Our technical and legal support teams are available every step of the way to ensure you get what you paid for, and hassle-free.
So, why wait? Take our quiz and find your style today.

Our Mission

We enable clients to design their dream spaces by connecting them to the region’s talented designers, while also empowering designers with access and exposure to the largest e-design marketplace in the Middle East.

Our Vision

To make beautiful design accessible and attainable to clients in the Middle East, through the region’s leading specialized e-design platform.