Frequently Asked Questions

Designers should always make sure to clarify the submissions into 2-3 deliveries with clear set dates and the total price through the chat at the beginning of the project.

Yes, the designer has the right to decline a request to work on the project, and also during the communication with the client before approval and payment on the project.

Bainkom is a specialized online design platform founded in 2022, Bainkom facilitates the smooth initiation and completion of design projects between clients and designers. Our platform connects you with vetted designers to meet your every design need whether it is interior designing, architecture, landscape or even interior stylist. Bainkom is the one place where you can find and hire the region’s talented designers to build, design, renovate, or even decorate your space.

Bainkom Designer can be any person with a degree in any design services Bainkom Platform provides, such as Interior design, Interior styling, Architecture, Landscape design, and lighting design. Also, they can be fresh graduates to experts in the field with different skills.

Designers are vetted thoroughly through our screening by doing introductory and technical interviews with the Bainkom Team.

Each Designer will provide the hourly rate on her/his profile.Bainkom designers wide range of pricing and expertise. The designer agrees to work on projects with the clients who are customers on the Bainkom platform. Before any work begins, the Designer and the client shall agree on a timeline, deliverables, number of revisions and most importantly the budget for the project.

If you forgot your password or need to change it, follow the below steps
1. On the login screen select forgot my password
2. Type your email address, and you will be sent a link to create a new password for your account.
3, Password should have at least 6 characters (numbers, upper case, lowercase and special characters)
4. If something went wrong, please contact Bainkom at [email protected]

Don't worry about it, we are here to help you, between 9am-5pm (GMT +4) Monday to Friday. Get in touch with us by email on [email protected], phone or through the inquiry form on our website

The best way to contact Bainkom’s customer support team is via email [email protected]. We can also be reached via phone (+971 50 733 8478), Monday-Friday, 10AM to 5PM (GMT +4)

Once submitted the designer will be contacted for an Introductory interview and for a technical interview. The onboarding process takes 15 days. The designer will be contacted via email whether accepted or rejected.

1. Sign up with your name, email address, phone number.
2. Submit your portfolio, resume, and cover letter.
3. Bainkom team will contact you (during working hours) for an introductory interview.
4. The second step is a technical interview.
5. Designers will be notified by email if accepted.
6. Designers then can create a profile on Bainkom Platform.
7. Bainkom designers will have access to Bainkom’s publications, training programs, and podcasts

The designer will receive a request from a client to work on her/his project. The designer and client can communicate through the Bainkom chat tool and discuss the project details and budget more thoroughly.

Once the Designer submits a project’s deliverables, the client will have seven business days to review and approve the submission or request a revision. If the client does not take any action for seven business days from the date of the designer's submission, the Bainkom team is authorized to assess and release the money to the Designer. The Designer and client should take no longer than seven business days to respond to either side’s inquiry. If one party does not respond, Bainkom team is authorized to release part of the payment to the other party, depending on the progress of the project.

The Designer shall receive payment once the project submission is approved, and project milestones and submissions have been completed and fees are paid by the client to the Bainkom platform. The Designer shall be paid within 30 calendar days of such receipt of fees or any other timeline agreed between designer and Bainkom separately.